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Neues Museum Berlin

Shot with the Olloclip fish eye lens and an iPhone 5, edited with Snapseed for iPad.
Also see this place in a 360 panorama.

Memories of vacations, first approach

I got inspired by the minimalistic paintings from Alfred from June’s Le Monde diplomatique and did a bit of painting myself. I took three photos from this year’s trips to Florence, Thailand and Croatia and sat down today with some colours. I struggled a lot with the cartoonish minimalism in Alfred’s pictures, which got me inspired in the first place, and ended up painting a pretty realistic looking bridge and a hermit crab (jellyfishes are so out of this world, you can’t make them to look realistic howsoever!).  Well, I still have plenty of photos from my vacations left …

Jake Shimabukuro plays “Let’s Dance”

My “Ukulele for Dummies” book suggested to me a while ago to look up Jake Shimabukuro on YouTube, and this is what I have found. Oh, boy!