About me


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I studied computer science at Berlin Institute of Technology (TUB) with focus on computer graphics & vision (cg/cv). The title of my diploma thesis was Simulation and Compensation of Color Vision Deficiency in Real-Time with Head-Mounted-Displays. 

Afterwards, I stayed at TUB and worked as a researcher in the fields of cg/cv for 2 1/2 years. I participated in two EU funded research projects in cooperation with other universities and industrial partners. The 1st project was about Time-of-Flight sensors and the 2nd one about a prototype for a biometric sensor based on infrared light. I was coding in C++ and used Qt, OpenCV and PCL extensively.

During my time as a researcher I found out that research work doesn’t make me happy. That’s why I started to learn Ruby on Rails. I worked at the design & branding Agency Edenspiekermann as a backend developer for almost 2 years and have recently joined DaWanda.



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My name is Fei and this is my blag.

I was born in China and raised in Germany. I started to become interested in computers because my father refused to tell me how to start Lemmings on his computer, in order to prevent me from playing it when my parents were at work. I wrote down the DOS-commands secretly and played it anyway…

My very 1st homepage was a Sailor Moon fan page. Well, I happened to be 11 years old at that time! : ) The site was completely hard coded in HTML and I had to ask some of the “computer guys” from my class to help me “get it online”. I also remember of having a Flash page when Flash was kind of cool, and there were some PHP stuff, and then blogging became a word, so I suddenly had a name for what I have been doing all these years. After my last visit to China I decided to blog in English, so my family can read my stuff, too.

I get excited about all kinds of tech stuff and can be a nerd sometimes (I’m a Whovian). I also like artsy-fartsy things and do a lot of crafting and painting myself. I am really passionate about singing and have been singing in choirs since forever. I believe that one has to be at least a bit of a feminist to be a female developer, so I do raise my voice a lot whenever I see sexism, inequality and violence against any gender.