Goodbye TotalTerminal, hello iTerm2!

After using TotalTerminal for years, I eventually had to give it up, because it no longer works in MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) due to the System Integrity Protection. I’ve wanted to try out iTerm2 for a while now, this just gave me the final kick to actually do it!

Setup the Visor

What I really liked about TotalTerminal was the hotkey, which fires up the visor. In order to set that up in iTerm, goto iTerm2 > Preferences… > Keys and check Show/hide iTerm2 with a sytem-wide hotkey. [Source]

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 23.37.30

Now we have to prevent iTerm to open a window on startup, because it blocks the visor when using the hotkey. [Source]

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 23.43.53

Make it pretty & even more powerful

I really don’t like staring at a white terminal with black outputs all the time. After a bit of research & a bit of back and forth I decided to install Pretzo. The GitHub readme of Prezto describes itself as

… the configuration framework for Zsh; it enriches the command line interface environment with sane defaults, aliases, functions, auto completion, and prompt themes.

After setting Prezo up, I went through the very well written instructions from Mike Buss and customized the hell out of the terminal. And this is how it ended up look like:

A more review will follow.

Badersee, Grainau

32C3 – in tweets

Mir war nach einem Gedicht zumute

Sei du mir Omen und Orakel
und führ mein Leben an zum Fest,
wenn meine Seele, matt vom Makel
die Flügel wieder fallen läßt.

Gieb mir das Niebeseßne wieder:
das Glück der Tat, das Recht zu Ruhn, –
mit einem Wiegen deiner Glieder,
mit einem Blick für meine Lieder,
mit einem Grüßen kannst du’s tun.

– von Rainer Maria Rilke

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