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Feeling Blue on the Baltic Sea

I have tried out some alternative photography techniques for a while. And besides some unsuccessful experiments with a self-build pinhole camera and photo developments, I found this package of cyanotype papers last winter. It turned out to be very difficult to actually use them, because there ain’t no sunshine in Berlin! I’m exaggerating! But anybody who has lived in Berlin during winter-time knows, that winter in Berlin is kind of 100 shades of grey and super depressing.

Well, fast forward 6 months. I went on a short sailing trip on the Baltic Sea last weekend and the weather was still a bit rough then. So one day, packed in 3 layers of pullover and a wind-proof outdoor jacket, I suddenly felt like sitting in this Gerard Richter painting. I took a photo and decided to used it as a negative for my first cyanotype print. And the following week happened to be the first real summer days in Berlin! It took me some experiments to find the best contrast for the negative and even more time to find the perfect exposure time. Et, voilà! The result is the picture above.

And here is the making-of: the original photography – filtered w/ my customised Gerhard Richter filter ;) – the negative (flipped & inverted) – the solar-paper – drying after 1h of exposing & 2 min. of watering – the result.