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Hello world, yet again.

Approximately 6 months ago me and my friends gave up our old, shared server and moved to another bigger, faster one with virtualised servers and automated backup(!). Ever since then my blog has been down and I have shied away from dealing with it… ^^” Well, I started this year with some new year’s resolutions and one of them is to write more!

I’ve been working as a freelance writer for a startup of a friend for some months now and it really has been fun to write again on a regular basis!

Some other resolutions on my list are: Paint more! Learn how to play some barre chords on the uke. Start (and hopefully finish) at least 3 creative projects which demand for my coding skillz. Exercise more! And MIND! 

The year of 2014 has started pretty busy with 4 concerts of my choir ‘HXOS Chor Berlin. In the first two concerts we sang Mahler’s 2nd Symphony (with two other choirs and the “Junges Orchester der FU Berlin”) in the beautiful Gethsemane Church in Prenzlauer Berg and the even more beautiful, but also kind of ostentatious Konzerthaus Berlin. And in the other two concerts, which have taken place in the St. Ludwig Church in Wilmersdorf & the Heilig Kreuz Church in Kreuzberg, we sang songs from the renaissance & baroque, among others Allegri’s “Miserere”, which we sang in complete darkness with some candles. The Heilig Kreuz (Holy Cross) Church was beautifully renovated after it had been partially destroyed during the WWII, and they did a splendid reconstruction job by mixing the lovely neo-baroque red brick walls with modern elements. I couldn’t stop taking pictures and made one of the 360° panorama I took into a tiny planet picture.


This picture has also inspired me into some Kandinsky like sketches. So the paint more! part of my new year’s resolution seems to be partially covered, and I am curious myself about what will come out of those sketches… 

Finally, I’m thinking about some professional changes, but it’s still too early to reveal more details. But it seems like the beginning of a new year always calls for some big, life changing plans, yet as we all know most of them rarely turns into real actions. I want this year to be different. And right now, as I am writing this (with my feet bare in my imagination), I am kind of positive about it!